Tuesday, 3 July 2012

lollipop chainsaw

i got the game lollipop chainsaw just last wednesday, and i've bin playing it quite a lot. anyway, it inspired me to do some south park-izations of the main characters.

note: juliet's mother isn't in this because we didn't see her in the game, she was in a cartoon at the end, but...

the sexy cheerleader main protagonist, and also middle child of the starling family, juliet

the big sister of the family, cordelia

the absolutely bonkers little sister, rosalind

a goth kid who's led a life of torture and horrible bullying, and main antagonist of the game, swan

nick carlyle, juliet's boyfriend, who got decapitated by her to save his life

nick just before being decapitated

gideon starling, the father of the family, and also "total DILF" to juliets friends

zed, punk rock zombie, the first of the dark purveyors that swan unleashes upon the world

vikke, viking zombie, the second dark purveyor. appears attacking the stadium

mariska, psychadelic zombie, the third of the dark purveyors. appears causing hallucinations at o'bannon farm

josey, funk zombie, fourth dark purveyor. kidnaps rosalind and invites juliet to his favourite place in the world to get her back, the fulci fun centre

lewis legend, rock 'n' roller zombie. guards swan in the unfinished church until juliet arrives

killabilly, the zombie of zombies, 666 years old, 40 storeys high, fatter than holy hell. last boss that juliet faces in the game

and last but not least, morikawa sensei, juliets japanese teacher, who also happens to be a complete perv.

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  1. Yeah! I have seen this south park episodes and I love Butter Stotch and Randy marsh south park characters . This show is one of the best comedy kid’s shows and every child loves this show.