Monday, 24 January 2011

here's something a bit different...freedom force

this was my favourite game when i was a kid, and now, i'm doing some of the characters for freedom force

 here's the creepy darkman, shadows minion
 eve, the beautiful hero who plays the beautifulness to it's full advantage
 black jack, the cockney hero from the sequel, freedom force vs the 3rd reich, who also has a mouth like a sailer on crack XD
 nuclear winter, the quite terrifying ice villain attempting to win mother russia the cold war
and last but not least, since he's the one who started it all, lord dominion

Monday, 17 January 2011

now for some enemies of doctor who

 davros, creator of the daleks
 pandorica cyber-guard
 the master

the simpsons

 first of all, here's homer

family guy

 first of all, here's stewie
 here's brian griffin
 peter griffin
 chris griffin
and now, last and definately least, meg :D

now for a bit of shrek

first of all here's shrek normal

here's fiona as an ogre

here's fiona as a human

and shrek as a human

lets start off with doctor who

i'm alex, and i'm going to be publishing pictures of movie and tv characters in south park, via, credit goes to that website, not to me.
first of all, here's the 11th doctor in his standard costume

this one is amy pond
this is rory, amy's boyfriend

and finally...the raggedy doctor